The hat says “0#!” The face says “0#! yeah!” Photo by Juliette Sutherland

I’ve been lucky to spend the lion’s share of my career bragging on the Pine Tree State – its trails and railcycles and calm waters. I’ve had the honor of spotlighting Maine’s people, too – their passions, their challenges, and all the incredible ways they triumph every day. 

As a content creator with more than 16 years of experience, I’m dedicated to inspiring others to learn about and experience all the wonders outside their doors.

During my decade-long tenure at MaineToday Media, I honed my creative and multimedia skills covering topics that ranged from Maine-themed Halloween costumes to the intricacies of building a seaworthy boat out of cardboard and duct tape. I grew social media and newsletter audiences, experimented with video, and utilized analytics to steer content.

As editor of Maine Women Magazine, I helped tell the stories of Maine women, developing the monthly editorial budget, assigning and editing all stories, and managing freelancers.

The Fit Maine Social Club on a winter hike in the White Mountains.

As founder of Fit Maine, I grew a brand from the ground up and hand my hands in every aspect of the business – from content and marketing to sponsorships and apparel sales. (Read all about it: The Queen of Adventure in Maine Women Magazine.)

Launching the Fit Maine Social Club gave me the opportunity to plan and lead a calendar full of events, collaborate with local outfitters, and create space for a lively community of eager adventurers. But most importantly, it gave me the chance to do what I love best: encourage people to get outside, explore, and challenge themselves. And I cheered at the top of my lungs the whole time.

Now I’m looking for new challenges of my own in a full-time role that allows me to put my content-creating talents to use advocating for a company that’s doing work I believe in.