Sharing stories of outdoor adventure during Stories Outside at L.L.Bean, produced by Adam Burk + Co. Photo by Monique Lefebvre

Events + Storytelling

Event emcee

As a lifelong chatterbox, it’s no surprise I’d find myself home in front of an audience, rallying energy for incredible causes and telling tales live on stage.

^ From left: WinterKids Downhill 24 at Sugarloaf, Maine Cancer Foundation’s Tri for a Cure opening ceremonies, and Zachau Construction‘s 50th anniversary gala.

Live storytelling

A good story captures the attention of everyone within earshot. It can be hilarious or heart-breaking – sometimes both at once. It can be whispered between friends late at night or amplified by a microphone on a wide stage.

I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to tell some of my own stories live on stage over the years, including Sounds Bites, SheSpeaks, Stories Outside, and The Corner. It’s a wonderfully nerve-racking and thrilling experience – and one that always reminds me how sharing our stories connects us to each other.

^ On the stage at Frontier Cafe during Sound Bites, a storytelling series founded by the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. The night’s theme: Homeward.

^ Sharing stories of outdoor adventure – and learning to swim – at L.L.Bean. Stories Outside was produced by Adam Burk + Co.

^ Speaking frankly at SheSpeaks, a storytelling series founded and produced by Lael Cooper Jepson of SheChanges.