Digital Media

Amplifying messaging with personality-driven social media and digital collateral.

Friends of Acadia

Creating connection to Acadia National Park and the work of Friends of Acadia with good energy and pumpkin head.

Fit Maine

Active life brand squarely focused on inspiring people to get outdoors and seize new experiences (with a healthy dose of good humor and snacks).

^ Islesboro Crossing for Lifeflight
Holly Zschetzsche tackles her first-ever open-water swim with the Islesboro Crossing for Lifeflight in 2019. This video was sponsored by Spectrum Healthcare Partners as part of the My First Time series. Video shot, edited, and produced by me.

^ Trek Across Maine
Training for the annual Trek Across Maine is equal parts “seat time” and “snack time.” This video was produced in collaboration with Marshall Communications for the American Lung Association. Video scripted by me; video shot and edited by Juliette Sutherland/Juliette Films.

^ The Boxing Studio
At The Boxing Studio in Topsham, Maine, owner Lisa Kuronya Coombs teaches boxing fitness classes multiple times a week. She’s a 5-time National Champion, World Champion, and former Captain of the USA Boxing Team. (So she knows her stuff.) Video shot, edited, and produced by me.

VR Storytelling Platform

Virtual Reality is the future – and creating cool, immersive stories on this platform is simple for anyone.

Code? Where we’re going, we don’t need code.

Virtual, mixed, and extended reality represent the next frontier of media.

Driftspace simplifies the process of creating VR content – no coding necessary – bringing the power to build immersive worlds to creators everywhere.

Take your storytelling to new places – and share it with anyone!​

Driftspace allows VR creators to make engaging and interactive 360 content without having to know a line of code. Collaboration is easy, too, and our web viewer enables you to share your creation with anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t have a headset!

Don’t tell your story—show it.

With Driftspace, your story is more immersive than words, more visual than video, more real than ever before.

Driftspace is the future of storytelling.

Data privacy app

How do you help the average internet user understand how their online data is gathered and used by big corporations? Goonies references, of course.

#thingsthatfeelawesome Taking your data back. #dataownership

I’m takin’ it back. I’m takin’ ’em all back. #dataownership

#facebook is like a really good friend. Kinda.