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Research and Resiliency in AcadiaAcadia magazine
Protecting Acadia in a rapidly changing environment.
March 2024

Take Heed of the HemlocksAcadia magazine
Invasive hemlock woolly adelgids are endangering eastern hemlocks
and the ecosystems that rely on them
October 2023

Data Driven: Understanding Park Visitors – Friends of Acadia
Recreation Technicians like Becca Stanley gather insight into how visitors interact with the park, helping resource managers make decision in Acadia.
August 2023

Keep your eye on the gull – Friends of Acadia
Seabird study grant supports a survey of Acadia National Park’s seabird islands.
July 2023

Your health app thinks you might be pregnant – MyTIKI
And advertisers really hope you are!
January 2022

Lighthouse and lore: Kayak to Wood Island to explore the grounds, wander through history – Portland Phoenix
Wood Island Light has seen some things. Most lighthouses have. These stoic beacons of maritime safety keep watch on treacherous coastlines, which means they’ve witnessed their fair share of safe passages and awful wrecks over the centuries.
September 2021

Your private life made public – MyTIKI
If Jeffrey Burrill’s anonymous data isn’t so anonymous, neither is yours or mine.
December 2021

VR goggles help clients gain real-world skills at Goodwill NeuroRehab – Goodwill of Northern New England
TREE staff work collaboratively to assess the needs of students and rise to meet them.
June 2020

Into the great wide ocean – Portland Phoenix
Mainers take to the Atlantic for cold-water swims all year long.
December 2020

* 2021 Maine Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest – Outdoors Story winner

Peatland magic and carnivorous plants – Fit Maine
Formed over hundreds or thousands of years, bogs are masters at trapping carbon, hoarding dead plants, and hanging on to the occasional three-thousand-year-old body.
July 2019

Murderer’s Cave! Hiking trails and homicidal history – Fit Maine
We didn’t intend to go poking around inside the hideout of a murderer. That just sort of happened.
October 2019

Bird! – Maine Women Magazine
Katrina Venhuizen takes time to stop and spot the birds.
May 2017

Two makes a family – Maine Women Magazine
Tracy doesn’t have all the answers—like how Zoe will feel about how she came into this world, but she’s certain about some things. Her little girl is so, so loved.
December 2016

Lessons on the Rock – Old Port Magazine
Sarah Fountain gains strength and finds community in rock climbing.
June 2016

‘I was just overwhelmed with pain’ – Portland Press Herald
His interaction with two of the Sept. 11 hijackers at Portland International Jetport has left Mike Tuohey a haunted man.
September 2011

Burlesque is really taking off – Portland Press Herald
The sexy shows win a whole new generation of fans, including here in Portland, where the scene is really hot.
March 2011
* Third Place NEAPNEA 2011 writing contest